Friday, 17 April 2015

Mother hen



One day Mother Hen gathered all the farm animals together at the big red barn in the middle of the farm and asked them, “Who will help me make some bread?”


Mother Hen said, “Who will help me plow a field to grow some wheat to make the bread from?”

“Not I, said the Cat.

“Not I, said the Donkey.

“Not I, said the Duck.

“Then I will do it myself.”


When the field was ploughed, Mother Hen said, “Now who will help me plant the wheat?”

“Not I, said the Cat.

“Not I, said the Donkey.

“Not I, said the Duck.

“Then I will do it myself.”  So she ploughed to field to grow the wheat.


When the seeds had grown into tall wheat plants, Mother Hen asked the farm animals, “Who will help me harvest the wheat?”

“Not I, said the Cat.

“Not I, said the Donkey.

“Not I, said the Duck.

“Then I will plant it myself” said Mother Hen and she did.


When the wheat was harvested, Mother Hen asked the farm animals, “Who will help me grind the wheat?’

“Not I, said the Cat.

“Not I, said the Donkey.

“Not I, said the Duck.

“Then I will grind it myself” said Mother Hen and she did.


When the wheat was ground, Mother Hen asked the farm animals, ”Who will help me bake the bread?”

“Not I, said the Cat.

“Not I, said the Donkey.

“Not I, said the Duck.

“Then I will bake it myself” said Mother Hen and she did.


When the bread was ready to eat, Mother Hen said “Who will help me eat the bread?” 

“I will, said the Cat”.

“I will, said the Donkey”.

“I will, said the Duck.”


No, you will not.  I ploughed the land, I planted the seeds, I ground the flour and baked the Bread.  I will eat it myself and so she did. 




Sunday, 11 January 2015

Our blog is back!

Blog Sunday's. 
Sunday night blog is back. We have been asked to bring back our blog. It's a great way of keeping away the Sunday night blues and re capping on the week's activities. 
In the last week we have had lots of surrenders and met some wonderful supporters and past adoptee parents who follow our page. It was wonderful to meet Anne and Vera. We had lots of new surrenders and a million more abandoned lost and found ect. Woodrock are now at capacity with every run over extended. We have asked the public and fellow rescuers to understand our predicament, we are not able to take in any more dogs. 
Adoptions are slow. But we are certain this will kick into gear. Donations came in financial and drop offs. Jennifer and her mom bev dropped off a grand donation for Sarac. I am certain that the horse saddles will change lives of the horses in Soweto. We are forever grateful. You are the piece of this puzzle that takes Woodrock to a level of excellence. Without you we could not have saved Chrystal. We continue to feed and Sterilise the animals that cross our paths. In keeping with our mission. Thanks again and again. 
On a personal note. We lost our beloved Lucy. A meldau dog. She is sorely missed. In a way that only dog lovers could know and understand. Lucy daddy misses you so much. 
A time has come that we realize we are desperate to have a full time surgery. The locals arriving with hurt and sick animals puts so much pressure on us. Just when we feel we are winning we face challenges that are beyond us. This week a poor puppy on a neighbours farm was mauled by a jackal and we had to race to sandton. Sadly the dog didn't make it. 
Dogs are dogs. Abby marched around for hours with a dead pigeon. She was delighted and proud of her handy work. 
December known as the silly season has left a carnage. Lost dogs were reunited with owners. However Woodrock still have dogs waiting for owners that need to search and find them. 
The Hennops valley have realized the value of having us on their door step. We get constant call outs. A dog was running in the game farm La Wiida. The dog is safley at Woodrock. 
Our volunteers need a high five. They kept the candle  burning for Woodrock.  Thanks guys. 
The show must go on. Our staff all got new uniform from an amazing activist Luanne who personal visited Woodrock all the way from Durban. 
Seeing dead animals on the side of the road is always devastating. The site of the dead horse that was knocked down on Main road was something that certainly shook us and our viewers. 
We bust a family breeding scheme in Pyramid. Albeit that we do not have Space we had no choice but to remove 16 dogs. We have to return to pyramid with plan b. This family are not able to take care of animals. 
Ending the week on a bitter sweet. On Saturday we had a call out. Four dogs  had been pushed out of a car in the valley. We got there just in time. We had a four dogs rounded up when sadly the smallest of the four got away. We have been to the site numerous times. However we are unable to find the dog. It doesn't make it easy. Some how failures out weigh the success. To us that was a failure. One lost is one lost. 
Wishing everyone a wonderful new week. 

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Farewell 2014!!


Woodrock will be doing a monthly newsletter updating our very valued followers on the progress and updates on our beautiful piece of heaven! 

We have the most wonderful facilities, our standards are very high! Offering the very best opportunity for our animals in our care! Our staff are well trained and dedicated. The regular volunteers that come through to attend to the rehabilitation work, together with our staff, are a truly remarkable team! 

Woodrock is almost completely funded directly by its founders. Over the last year we have had great support from our followers providing very welcome and much needed financial relief. We are very grateful to all of you who continue to support us! We are almost constantly repairing fencing, doors, handles and equipment. 

The administration behind the scenes keeps us extremely busy! At Woodrock we are always brain storming and initiating unique ways to upgrade and improve the lives of our residents! We know we have set ourselves a high bar, particularly given that our founders work full-time to fund and support Woodrock. 

Reflecting back over this year, we have achieved a great deal and are extremely proud of this! This year has been filled with memorable highs and (as life throws us curve balls) there have been many lows. 

Our greatest achievement in 2014 has to be without a doubt being chosen to appear on SA heros! Woodrock together with SARAC felt extremely honored to receive a nomination of this magnitude! To work with 2 remarkable directors with the likes of Dominique and Geoff made it easy! 

We continued to do our outreaches every 2 months. At these outreach programs Woodrock enforces our policy of educating the uninformed and upholding our sterilization "rampage". 
Woodrock are in an area where one has to travel for medical attention. A day doesn't go by where a neighbor drives up the driveway needing attention. This will also advocate and uphold our greatest mission of all ... To sterilize! 

Over the year we have sterilized hundreds of animals. Our rehoming of dogs, in our opinion was a struggle, owing to the fact that puppies are more in demand as opposed to adult dogs! WoodRock’s strength is to rescue rehabilitate and then rehome, which involves predominantly senior dogs. 

We have continued to assist shelters who are less fortunate than ourselves and relish in their victories! 

We continue to feed our neighbours pigs 3 times a week. Woodrock shares donations with other animal charities, and all the received help and donations that are not used by us, are paid forward and used to help others. Our book sales came to a halt, but we will be back in January! Mandela day was a great feat. Woodrock started a soccer team in the valley. With the help of amazing associate rescue groups, Boston terrier and supporters! We kitted (all 34 of them) with toggs! 

In the spirit of upliftment, Woodrock donated a bicycle and riding gear to a wonderful older man, which understands our plight and mission and continues to feed the dogs and see to their needs in the valley. 

As always "The show must go on!" We can never have a slow "off-day"! Woodrock tries, against all that life presents us with, to eradicate any form of cruelty! 

The goat basher case was bitter sweet! Woodrock and Sarac put all efforts into having the perpetrator convicted. The costs financially were immense. 

In all of this madness, sadness, apathy, desperation, heart-ache and soul searching, Woodrock has and always will fly the flag high for those that are unable to speak up for themselves! We will continue to be there for them! 

We look forward to an Epic 2015! 

Our much needed hydro pool will be launched in January! 

In February we hope to start our funky cattery! this space!! 

A project which is very close to the founders’ hearts is also commencing next year! 

Our memory walk will be a dignified beautiful maze. Offering a quiet walk to visitors reflecting on the lost lives of their fur babies that have passed. In their memory we are hoping that visitors will leave a footprint in good faith, needed for the voiceless, homeless animals in our care. 

Woodrock promises to uphold our motto "Acta non Verba"
taking action not just talking about intentions, we do it!!

Dog Phone


Addreess: Plot 51, on the R511 between Fourways and Hartbeespoort 
Lat/Long: S 25 ° 50.114' E 027 ° 58.502'
Lat/Long Decimal: -25.835271,27.974938

Contact: 076 155 4439 - 084 585 2418
Email address:
Our satellite drop off branch is located at 
43 Lincoln Street Woodmead Sandton. 

Banking details:
Woodrock Dog Rescue
Standard Bank Rivonia
Account number: 425 369 161
Savings Account
Branch code: 001255
Swift code (international):SBZAZAJJ

Monday, 2 June 2014

I alone can't change the world

I can't change the world. 

If we know better we do better. Trying so hard to educate the human race. This past week we saw the passing of a great lady. Maya Angelou. Her philosophy stands very true in rescue. Her simple way of doing the best we know how is so true. This larger than life lady had simple messages. A great lady and a great poet. 

Monday, 26 May 2014

And then this makes it all worthwhile!

As the administrator of WAR, we receive loads of emails daily.
These include surrenders, dinations and occasionally adoptions!

Very rarely does one such email warm my heart and prove that people are yood but then at a low point this week- we received the following:

"To whom it may concern

I am interested in adopting a dog, but a Golden Oldie no younger than 8 years. 

The dog has to be meduim to small, be able to live as a single pet, but social.

Do you have any Lovelies that meet the above?

Looking forward to your response.
Kind regards


Thank you so much Claire for considering an oldie! You make rescue worthwhile and you Woodrock!

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Thank you FNB for this wonderful write up

Abandoned, abused and neglected animals are an all too common occurrence in South Africa.  With thousands of animals in dire situations, Woodrock Animal Sanctuary is doing their best to help. Based in Gauteng, 150 homeless dogs call the sanctuary home. They actively work to rehabilitate and re-home animals.

Another cornerstone of the initiative is an educational programme which aims to teach people about responsible pet ownership. Regular sterilisation drives are carried out, which aims to stem the breeding problem, as Estelle Meldau explains: “There are just too many unwanted animals out there. The only way to stop this, is to make sure that as many animals as possible are sterilised – we aim for about 10 each month.”

There are many success stories to share. “Woodrock went on a call during a storm to find 3 new born fluff balls. There was no mum in sight. We bottle fed the babies. One of our team members went back to the river and hunted for 2 days to find their mother – thankfully we did.”

On another occasion, Woodrock was called out to assist a hit-and-run case. “We have so many of these cases, but the one that stands out is dog called Rupert. His back leg was snapped in 2 with the bone exposed – it was dry and an infection had set in. After months of intense medical attention Rupert’s leg had healed and he has been successfully re-homed to a loving family.”

Estelle explains why she decided to help: “Woodrock started as a childhood dream of both my husband and I – we understand the needs of orphaned animals. We are both passionate about helping those that cannot speak for themselves.”

In the future, they would like to build a memory walk, graveyard and doggie splash pool and they would love to employ the services of a full-time vet.

If you would like to donate towards sterilisations, SMS “dog” to 40733 and donate R10.

This is Estelle’s story of help. To find out how you can help:

Estelle Meldau – Gauteng
tel: 076 155 4439


Sunday, 4 May 2014

The sustaining bread and butter of rescue

I love the story of the chicken who ate the bread that she baked all by herself

The story goes

Mommy chicken found wheat and asked the duck, cat and dog to help her grind the wheat. She asked them to mix the flour into doe.she pleaded with them to roll the doe. She urged them to light the fire ect
All the while all 3 refused and mommy chicken replied to their refusals. Then I shall do it myself and so she did
The bread was baked and ready to eat. 
She invited the duck cat and dog to help her eat the bread. 
Very enthusiastically all three jumped for joy and were willing to eat the bread
Mommy chicken replied" oh no I am going to eat it myself"

It makes me think of animal rescuerers who
Rescue in dark late hours 
In unsafe circumstances
We nurture the dog
We get their confidence and trust
Are the animals constant care givers
See their eyes
Witness their pain
Get let down time and time again by humans

At the end of the day the reward and love received from my furbabies are mine and mine alone because I did it myself. 

All my love